Memory Foam Steering Wheel Cover

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Memory Foam Steering Wheel Cover

Memory Foam Steering Wheel Cover is a great and successful product for years. At first we tried to make the product with 3 sections, 5 sections and 6 sections with memory foam inside. Eventually it proves that the 6 sections are the perfect choice for many customers. This product provides wonderful hand feeling on the grips, help your driving easier. In conclusion,  this Memory Foam Steering Wheel Cover has helped many customers expand the markets for years.

Material lamination: Faux Suede plus 10mm thickness of memory foam

Product Size: 38cm diameter as regular for most cars. More bigger sizes for bus and truck including 39cm, 40cm, 42cm, 45cm, 47cm and 50cm.

Inner Core

Basically there are 3 kinds of inner cores for steering wheel covers. Firstly, it is the black rubber ring, this is the classical inner cores. Because of very competiitve price, this inner core is very popular. But the material is not pure, with a little odor.  Secondly, the better inner core is white TPR ring. This is the upgraded product core, eco-friendly without odor.  Nowadays, many American customers adopt this one.  Lastly, the best inner core is virgin rubber ring. Best elasticity and great hand feeling.

More Auto Accessories

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