Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Leather Steering Wheel Cover is generally aimed at the high-end market. Because of the real leather and workmanship requirements, these products are usually more expensive than the regular.  For better quality, we usually purchase complete leather material, and make them according to the highest quality standard.

We have rich experience in Leather Steering Wheel Cover. Generally, there are three colors: black, grey and beige on the leather. Firstly, we will create the perfect style and layout on the product. Then, we will carefully consider the distance and thickness of the stitches. Lastly, we would sew the products with strong nylon thread matching with proper colors.

In order to reduce the cost of material, there are many imitation leather in the market. These materials look like real leather on the surface, but after a while, these products will peel off and easily break.  If you need to buy real durable products, please contact us. We always keep long-term cooperative relationship with all the customers.

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