PVC PU Steering Wheel Cover

PVC PU Steering Wheel Cover is the most popular products in this industry.  There are wide variety of material styles, large selections on the textures, patterns and models about these raw materials. So, depending on them, we may create thousands of different models and styels on the car steering wheel covers.

It looks like the same products in the picture, but in fact they may be completely different materials. Because better Pu or PVC material may have better elasticity and handle. But in the picture, they all look exactly the same. So, in order to compare the quality of the product more clearly, it is better put two samples together, and you will know the difference better.  In terms of workmanship and quality of products, this is even more so. Our products pay more attention to details, including the color and firmness of sewing thread, and the length of stitch.

Lonsign company has created hundreds of models on PVC PU Steering Wheel Cover.  If you have some new ideas about the product development, please share with us, we will make it happen.

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