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--- Steering Wheel Cover ---

Production of Steering Wheel Cover

Here please review the mass production in our workshop.


Experienced workers strive to high quality for each steering wheel cover

steering wheel cover production

Stitching Procedure

Most workers have over 5 years experience in making steering wheel cover.   

steering wheel cover-1
Ready for packing

QC inspects each product before packing

steering wheel cover-2
Ready for packing

Each steering wheel is elegant

steering wheel cover-3
Ready for packing

No flaw before packing

Product Inner Core

For Steering Wheel Cover, basically there are 3 kinds of inner cores for the products. Please check below and inform which one you prefer?

steering wheel cover production

Cut the extra thread-Inspection and Repair

We don’t allow any flaw or defective points on the finished product

black rubber ring
Black Rubber Ring

Traditional rubber ring with a little odor, low price

TPR ring
White TPE Ring

Most popular inner ring eco-friendly, no odor.

virgin rubber ring
Virgin Rubber Ring

Best virgin rubber ring with best elasticity, no odor 

Individual Package

Below you will see 3 kinds of normal individual packages, which one is your favourite?

steering wheel cover production

Perfect sewing is the basic point at the beginning.

The firm nylon thread and the skill of workers are the foundation of high quality products

Plastic Insert plus Label

We have different kinds of plastic inserts for choices

Color Card

Customer may design the favourite artwork to print

Blister Card

Expensive package is only for expensive products

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