3D Steering Wheel Cover

3D Steering Wheel Cover has special grips on the product.  Usually we make the product grips with 3D patterns or special shapes to create wonderful hand feeling in driving.

That means customers could send us the desired pattern with pictures, then we will analyse the patterns and make it on steering wheel covers.  Among of the patterns, some are colorful cartoon picture, some are animal, some are flowers. For these vivid patterns, basically we create new toolings and produce the patterns with PVC or silicone, then migrate onto the product with heat transfer.

Regarding of special shapes on grips, there are many different methods to achieve. If the shape is simple, we could add a EVA padding on the inside. If it’s very special on the shape, the new toolings are necessary.

In most cases, we develop 3D Steering Wheel Cover with PVC or PU material. Not only because of the variety of these fabrics, a wide range of choices, but also a lot of product changes. Based on these material, we can create a variety of products.

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