Embroidery Steering Wheel Cover

Embroidery Steering Wheel Cover is a classical product in this industry. Embroidery thread can draw thousands of patterns as you want.

In order to make the product expressive, usually the customers had better choose simple patterns.  Because the embroidery process is not convenient to show too complex patterns.  In addition, the process of embroidery can not show the gradual change of color, so customers must pay attention to this point when designing patterns. If the pattern must contain gradient colors, then do not consider embroidery, but consider printing.

In recent years, the demand for Embroidery Steering Wheel Cover is decreasing. Because there are many kinds of product development, many customers choose other technology to show. Of course, if embroidery is combined with other crafts, we can certainly develop very beautiful products. We are looking forward to working with you. Come on, tell us what you think.

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