Silicone Steering Wheel Cover

Silicone Steering Wheel Cover is the favourite item for some of customers. Because of silicone material, people like the eco-friendly characteristic. What’s more, this product is durable and washable, easy to clean. We produce Silicone Steering Wheel Cover on the equipment. Currently there are different weight on the product for choice: 320g each, 240g each, 215g each and 115g each. The heavier, the higher cost.  Meanwhile, there are lots of colors to customize, black, red, blue, grey, purple…. Furthermore, you may select 2 or 3 different colors, we may mix them and create multicolor steering wheel cover.

Different from other products, this Silicone product has very good elasticity and is easy to install on the steering wheel. Besides, it is non-slip, just remember selecting the proper size of steering wheel cover.

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