Beige PU Steering Wheel Cover

L 80459

Beige PU Steering Wheel Cover

Beige PU Steering Wheel Cover is one of the most successful models. Because of the shrink grips, the product works well with non-slip performance and great handle. It not only improve your interior design, but keep your hand warm and comfortable in four seasons.   Colors available with Black, Gray and Beige. Please inform us if you need any other colors.

Lonsign produces hundreds of different steering wheel covers since 1996, keeping developing new products monthly.  Here we’ve uploaded over 100 models to share, but they are just a small sections of our range.  For the regular customers, we are pleased to present new items constantly. Many customers have extended the business, and achieved a great success with our new products. If you like this Beige PU Steering Wheel Cover, contact us now.

From the beginning of business, we have attached great importance to product quality. We have established a sound quality management system, and have corresponding quality standards for different products. From raw materials to semi-finished products, and then to packaging products, we all have quality management process. At the same time, we pay attention to the skill training of employees, new employees must pass the examination before they start to work. At present, most of our employees have more than five years of experience.

To apply on the different vehicles, there are different sizes on the products. Basically the diameter 38cm is for most of cars. The bigger sizes are for truck and bus, including 39cm, 40cm, 42cm, 45cm, 47cm and 50cm.



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