Plush Winter Steering Wheel Cover

L 80575

Plush Winter Steering Wheel Cover

Plush Winter Steering Wheel Cover a comfortable product, especially for the chilly weather. The fuchsia plush matches with the faux suede material perfect. Of course, we have other options on the plush color, such as Black, Red, Gray and Blue. Please inform to share the pictures.

At the beginning, we considered that this model would be hot on sale just in winter. But soon, it proves that this one is popular in all seasons. Many customers like it because of the amazing hand feel and grips.  Basically we make this product with Eco-friendly TPE core. Non-slip and no odor. That will be suitable for global markets.   We have lots of other models for winter, but this Plush Winter Steering Wheel Cover is one of the best sellers.

Basically the diameter 38cm is suitable most of cars. Besides, we have other product sizes, 39cm, 40cm, 42cm, 45cm, 47cm and 50cm. These are for bus and truck. Please check and inform us the proper sizes to order.

More Auto Accessories

As a professional manufacture, Lonsign provides many more items.  Car Floor Mats, Car Sunshade, Car Oragnizer, Seat Cushion, there are lots of items to choose from.  If you run business on auto accessories, absolutely Lonsign can support you to extend your business.

Quality Assurance

We always attach importance to the quality of our products. This is also the basis of our long-term cooperation with our customers.  At present, we have established a sound quality system. For different products, there are different quality standards. At the same time, we will train and assess the skills of our employees. Now, most of our employees have more than five years of work experience. All of these strongly guarantee the good quality of our products.  As a result, all the cutomers have achieved a great business grow in the past years.


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