Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover

L 80456

Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover

Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover is a best seller for many years. Because of the simple and generous design, this product is very popular for all people.  Plus, 4 joints with 2 sections of perforated leather. This design make the product elegant.

In the past, the black rubber ring is the only choice. But now, we have many more inner cores.  Premium product requires the best inner core. Here Lonsign recommends the virgin rubber ring for this Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover. It provides the best hand feeling with good elasticity.

As a leading manufacturer, Lonsign has hundreds of designs and models on Car Steering Wheel Covers. If you need some other design, tell us and we may produce them with different materials.

More Car Accessories

Lonsign has run the business on Car Accessories since 1996. Except Steering Wheel Covers, we have lots of related Car Accessories, such as Car Floor Mats, Car Seat Cover, Car Sunshade, Car Organizer, Car Wiper Blade, etc.  In the past years, we have cooperated with lots of importers and wholesalers.  Most of them have achieved great success with our products and expertise service.

Quality Control

We regard the quality as top priority. Stable quality is the foundation of long-term business. Therefore, from the beginning, we have established a sound quality assurance system. Moreover, for different products, we have established corresponding quality standards. At the same time, we attach great importance to staff skills training. All these ensure that our quality is the best in the whole industry.




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