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Posted Time : 4/10/2017 8:33:48 PM
Terrywarve says : Sorry, 其实这并不是一个询盘,但是可以为你带来很多询盘。 店面需要导购,淘宝需要客服,为什么外贸网站却很少有在线客服呢?客户必定是有很多问题希望马上询问的。您可以自己测试下,有在线客服的网站与没有的,询盘量会有2~5倍的差距。 贵公司可以自己尝试,如有需要,我们也可以为您提供这方面的服务,简单几步,24小时英文在线客服马上安装完成,询盘量飞起来。 更详细的信息可以看我们的官网: Reply :
Posted Time : 4/24/2015 1:53:44 AM
Angela says : Hi, We are interested in your car organizer. Would you please send me your quotation? We have several online stores, our market is USA. Please let us know if you have any question. Email: Thanks Reply : Hello Angela Sorry to late to review your message. There are many models on our car organizers, can you please inform which items you like? you may check and inform the item number on our site. Please reply to our email for fast response. Regards Tony HU
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